Rag /rag/noun

1: a piece of cloth, a fragment, special pieces of cloth, left behind from the main piece of fabric.    

Button /button/noun

1: used as a fastening or used as a mere embellishment, to enhance the rag.   

Combined, the above words are the spirit of rag button. Each simple, yet elegant piece, is distinctive & stylish.

Artist and designer Heather Burgess is the face behind Rag Button. She graduated from the University of Ulster in 2003 where she specialized in Textiles and then gained a Master in Business Studies in 2005. After all this studying, it was time to put her qualifications and experience into practice.

So Heather, now bursting with knowledge, practical skills waiting to be used, an obsession with buttons and all things miniature, Rag button was formed. She is inspired by vintage fabrics, buttons and all things small. Her work combines hand stitching and machine work to create small and precious items. Heather draws on traditional and modern textile techniques, to develop ideas and make work.

She has a passion to create items that are both useful and beautiful drawing on artist and designer William Morris, who quoted that:

‘Have nothing in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’ .

Rag Button products are sold in a number of gift shops and galleries across the UK and Ireland.  Heather currently runs her business along side working at the Ulster University in Belfast, as a Textile Technician. Teaching is something Heather is passionate about and enjoys sharing her skills and knowledge with others. She has worked locally in many art centres running workshops and has even been further afield to Goiania Brazil, to share her skills with the local woman in deprived areas.

When not teaching, Heather can be found working in her studio at Steamvale Cottage in Ballycarry.